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American Popular Music
 American Popular Music
Rhythm & Blues, Rap, and Hip-Hop
Rock and Roll
General Editor:
Richard Carlin
Editorial Board:
Barbara Ching, Ph.D., University of Memphis
Ronald D. Cohen, Ph.D., Indiana University-Northwest
William Duckworth, Bucknell University
Kevin J. Holm-Hudson, Ph.D., University of Kentucky
Nadine Hubbs, Ph.D., University of Michigan
Craig Morrison, Ph.D., Concordia University (Montreal)
Albin J. Zak III, Ph.D., University at Albany (SUNY)
 American Popular Music
Richard Carlin
Foreword by Ronald D. Cohen, Ph.D.
Indiana University-Northwest
American Popular Music: Folk
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Carlin, Richard, 1956–
American popular music : folk / Richard Carlin ; foreword by Ronald D. Cohen.
p. cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. ), discographies, and index.
ISBN 0-8160-5313-8 (hc : alk. paper)
1. Folk music—United States—Encyclopedias. I. Title.
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