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Praise for
Off the Rim
“Basketball and North Carolina go together like a horse and
carriage. Fred Hobson knows because he lived it. If you love
basketball, you will love this book.”
—Bill Bradley
“I’ve read most of Fred Hobson’s books and admired his re-
laxed and seemingly effortless style, but
Off the Rim
is his best,
in my opinion. This is Hobson at the top of his game, using the
first-person narrative like an inmate who has sprung his lock
and flown free.”
—John Egerton
“Off the Rim
is a marvelous basketball memoir, sprightly and
entertaining, and it will take a place on the shelf alongside
great autobiographies of fandom like Tim Parks’s
A Season with
or Nick Hornby’s ruefully comic
Fever Pitch
. But Hobson
also brings to the task his experience as one of the South’s most
distinguished literary critics and commentators, and along the
way he provides thoughtful and moving ruminations on race,
on family, and on coming of age in piedmont North Carolina in
the 1950s and ’60s. A delightful account not only of what sports
mean to us but of
they matter.”
—Michael Griffith
“Fred Hobson has written a lovely, wry account of his life-
long devotion to Tar Heel basketball. He knows that he stands
out even among Tar Heel fans for how much Carolina-blue
blood he bleeds and how often he bleeds it, and he also knows
that readers will find his obsession more amusing than he does.
Even if you don’t care who wins the Carolina-Duke game—is
that possible?—you’ll enjoy this book.”
—John Shelton Reed
Off the
 Sports and American Culture Series
Bruce Clayton, Editor
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