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Jane Gregory
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1 Coming to light
c ambition; undergraduate life at Cambridge;
becoming a mathematician; graduate studies; marriage to Barbara

War posting; radar; meeting Bondi and Gold; radar problems; a trip to the
USA; the origin of the elements; return to Cambridge
3 Into the limelight
A new cosmology; post-war gloom; steady-state theory in the spotlight;
Nature of the Universe
; the Massey conference; confronting Ryle
4 New world
Out of the doldrums; an American road trip; getting noticed at Caltech;
meeting Willy Fowler;
nding a new state of carbon; the cosmological
controversy; religion and politics;
A Decade of Decision

5 Under fire
Fowler, the Burbidges and the origin of the elements; a challenge from Ryle;
Frontiers of Astronomy
; cosmological controversy
The origin of the elements and B
The Black Cloud
; Clarkson
Close; the Plumian Chair; the age of the universe;
Ossian’s Ride;
Alchemy of Love
7 Eclipsed
Funding for science; the politics of science; an idea for an institute; the
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics; another
challenge from Ryle
Schooldays and scienti
2 Hut no. 2
6 New Genesis
8 Fighting for space
Responding to Ryle; trouble for the institute; problems with computers;
A for
on television
; Rockets in Ursa Major
on stage; the
institute goes to Sussex
9 Storm clouds
Fifth Planet
; what, and
where, are quasars?; curing the Los Angeles smog; a new theory of gravity
(without apples); Roger Tayler and the helium abundance

10 ‘Dear Mr Hogg’
Problems at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical
Physics; problems at the Treasury for the Sussex institute; Hoyle lobbies the
Minister; Hoyle makes a decision and takes to the hills; an invitation from
the Minister; the Vice-Chancellor’s Special Committee on the Hoyle
11 His institute
A change of Government;
Of Men and Galaxies
; more trouble for the
institute; a blow for steady-state theory; Hoyle despairs of Cambridge; the
institute comes to Cambridge
12 The end of the beginning
Establishing the institute;
October the First is Too Late;
more on the
quasar redshift; steady-state theory revisited; Stonehenge is an observatory;
Australia will host a telescope for the southern hemisphere; organic polymers
in space
13 The Astronomer Hoyle
Problems at the institute; Northern Hemisphere Review; an attack on the
Royal Observatories; the new Astronomer Royal; the merger at Cambridge;
Sir Fred
14 The beginning of the end
The Inferno,
the Anglo-Australian Telescope
Moving to the Lake District; how to write science

ction; pulsars; controversy
over Nobel Prize; Hoyle’s 60th birthday
Hoyle on television; the Ferranti ATLAS a
15 On the loose
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