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//-->CoverTHEY'RE OFFbyFRANK LANE and U.F. "GEN"GRANTSmart Tricks and Keen Ideas by aNew Combination of Recognized Writers andOriginators of Up-To-Date MagicThis html version© José Antonio GonzálezEnter eBookhttp://thelearnedpig.com.pa/magos/books/theyoff/001.html [4/23/2002 3:28:03 PM]ContentsThey're Off!Frank Lane - U.F. GrantPrevious|NextqqqqThis is a Good BookThe BoomerangsReading CardsA New Impromptu NumberTrickAnother Impromptu Table TrickA Handkerchief VanishThe Lindbergh Kidnap LadderA Comedy HandkerchiefRoutineThe Card and the CigaretteNow Back to the CardsBeans From BostonNow We'll Show YouHow Would You Like a Gag?A Ring Trick, But No BellA Gag and a BananaqqqqqqqqqqBack To The FarmOur Pocket Fire BowlAnother Card TrickAn Impromptu Poker DealA Trick With a MonocleThe Folding Half DollarDon't Get Mad NowA Trick From a Little ShotA SweetheartWhy Didn't I Think of thisBefore?The Chinese Bottle TrickAn Easy Color ChangeThe PilesBehind The Spectator'sBackqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqPrevious|Nexthttp://thelearnedpig.com.pa/magos/books/theyoff/002.html [4/23/2002 3:28:04 PM]This is a Good BookThey're Off!Frank Lane - U.F. GrantPrevious|Next|ContentsTHIS IS A GOOD BOOKWe tell you this far two reasons: the first is that we want you to know it,and the second is that you wouldn't know it unless we told you.Sit down. Take it easy. Light your smoke and enjoy some newtricks--pocket tricks that you can make yourself, card tricks you can do withanyone's deck of cards, stage routines with various magic props that youcan make.This is the first of a series of writings by U. F. (Gen) Grant and Frank Lane,who have formed a partnership in the writing of future books. We arecombining our ideas and our tricks, and in doing so feel that we are givingthe boys a little better value for the same money. We think that you will feelamply repaid for your patronage, which you may be sure is appreciated.Our next book is being compiled now. It will be "A Real Magic Show,"with Frank Lane acting as master of ceremonies. The book is being writtenexactly as if a real show were going on, and will be not only full ofpractical tricks by the leading magicians in the club field, but will be to readone of the most interesting books of magic ever printed.Watch for it, and in the meantime, let us both thank you again. The veryleast we hope for is that you have pleasure in reading our first book writtentogether.FRANK LANEGEN. GRANTPrevious|Next|Contentshttp://thelearnedpig.com.pa/magos/books/theyoff/003.html [4/23/2002 3:28:04 PM]The BoomerangsThey're Off!Frank Lane - U.F. GrantPrevious|Next|ContentsTHE BOOMERANGSThe first trick we offer you is the one you can make up for a penny or twoand one out of which you will get plenty of laughs. We consider it a distinctimprovement on the Boomerang sticks and BOTH OF US use this in ourown performance, so we know how it goes over with the audience.The effect is that the two boomerangs are shown(See Fig. 1) and one placed on top of the other(Fig. 2) When these are placed as in Figure 2 theaudience sees that one is longer than the otherand wishing to make them both the same length,the performer proceeds to cut off the end of thelonger one to make it the same length as theother, but after doing so, he notices that the otherone is still longer. This is kept up, the performercontinuing to cut the longer one, and yet onplacing the other one on top again as in Figure 2he keeps finding that no matter how many times he cuts one to make it thesame size as the other, one is always found to be longer. After cutting ittime and time again he gets them down to very small pieces and then findsit impossible to do the trick. (SeePatter)You can make these from colored cardboard, and both boomerangs shouldbe the same color. Get what is called poster cardboard which is thickenough so that it will stand straight without bending. Cut your boomerangsout with a pair of scissors, then place one above the other as in Figure 2.Although they are the same length, the top one will appear to be shorterthan the other, so you place your left thumb on the lower one at point "A" inFigure 2, place the other one under your arm, then with your scissors cut offthe end of the one in your hand.Now put one on top of the other again, but put the one you cut on top sothat the left ends are in line and you will find that the bottom one seemslonger again. Now you proceed to cut the end of the bottom one off and gothrough the same routine five or six times, each time cutting off the longerone and placing it on top of the other. Pretty soon you will be down to twovery small pieces.http://thelearnedpig.com.pa/magos/books/theyoff/004.html (1 of 3) [4/23/2002 3:28:05 PM]The BoomerangsWhen making your boomerangs get plenty of half circles while cuttingthem out as it works better and looks better at the finish. You'll like this asit is, but you'll like it better withTHE PATTER(AFTER SOME TRICK)"You know I started to bring my boy here tonight. He's only a kid ten yearsold. Very smart, though. Last summer when school closed my boy took thefirst prize... but the teacher saw him take it and made him put it back."I would have brought him down tonight but he came home from school,crying. He was all upset. I guess it's the communistic in him. He couldn'tfind his soft pencil. It kinda made it hard for him. You see, the teacher gavehim two dimes and eight nickels and asked him how much it was and myboy said he couldn't see any cents in it. (Performer laughs.)"So the teacher gave him a couple of pieces of cardboard... I have themright here. The kid gave them to him and told me he couldn't dosomething... I don't know. The teacher had a kid make this one and told mykid to make one just like it and when she fitted it, like this, his was longer."The teacher said: "What's the matter with you, Bill?" That's my boy'sname... Bill. We call him Bill because he was born on the first of the month.He said: "I'm sorry, teacher," and he cut off a piece, like this, to make it thesame length as the other, but the kid told me the teacher measured themagain and his piece was short. When he put it on top to measure it, it wasshorter than the other piece."Bill told me the teacher started to get mad and she said: "You make thatshort, Bill, and don't be long about it." So he measured it right here and hecut another piece off. These scissors are not so hot. I told the fellow aboutthis. He promised he would have a pair for me tonight at 6:00 o'clock sharp."Well, what the blazes... something's crooked... maybe it's the paper. Youknow, this paper's a funny thing. It's funnier than the (name local paper). I'llcut it again. The idea is that before I do this trick I've got to get these thesame length. You know paper is made from old linen. Everybody knowsthat. Who knows, I might be cutting up one of my own bed sheets. If I do,when I get home, I'll get... Well, what do you know about that? The bottomone is longer now. No wonder the kid was crying. I thought the teachergave him a lickin'. Her tongue's big enough. (Scratches head.)"Well, that's funny. The kid was right. You see, the short piece that I justcut is longer than the long piece was before it was shorter than the shortpiece just before it was longer than the other one that was short... youremember... does anybody know what I'm talking about?http://thelearnedpig.com.pa/magos/books/theyoff/004.html (2 of 3) [4/23/2002 3:28:05 PM] [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]