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The Raw Secrets
The Raw Food Diet
in the Real World
By Frédéric Patenaude
The responsibility for any consequences resulting from any suggestion or procedure
described hereafter does not lie with the author, publisher or distributors of this book.
This book is not intended as medical advice.
Copyright Information
Cover art
: Martin Mailloux
Copyright © 2006 by Frédéric Patenaude
All rights reserved
First Edition, October 2002
ISBN 0-9730930-0-5
Second edition: April 2006
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Published by:
6595 St-Hubert, CP 59053
Montreal (Quebec)
H2S 3P5, Canada
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Some Letters Received
Since publication of 1st Edition
T h e R a w S e c r e ts
“I got
The Raw Secrets
yesterday and spent all day today reading it. It was absolutely
genius, yet simple!
I started eating 100% raw in January. It solved years of problems, but only lasted three
months. Then, many of the problems mentioned in your book crept in... without my really
being aware of them. I knew the diet was right, but something was wrong...such
frustrating and unnerving feelings!
I prayed that God would open my eyes and lead me to the right sources of information on
this topic (since there is so much contradictory information out there.) That very day I ran
across your website. After reading many of the articles, I decided to order your book
Raw Secrets
. It was very impressive and inspiring and an answer to my prayer!
I know I have a lot more research and experimentation to do, but your book greatly
helped to steer me in a positive and promising direction!
Thank you so much for all the time you put into this book! God bless your efforts as you
continue to research, experiment and share what you know! This information is
incredible... just truly awesome!”
Erica Ormonde
Baker City, OR USA
“I just finished
The Raw Secrets
and I want to thank you for writing it. You have done the
burgeoning raw food movement a great service by pointing out the mistakes of raw-
fooders and exposing misconceptions that would lead them to failure.”
Nora Lenz
Bellevue, Washington
“Hi, I got the book
The Raw Secrets
and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've already read it twice
and I wish I had read it a long time ago. I've been trying to go raw for a year and have
had all the problems you described in your book. Thanks so much for writing the book!”
Leatha Day
“Your latest book
The Raw Secrets
became available just in time to clear the path ahead
for me. I was truly drowning in misinformation.”
Tom Szelagowski
“I've just finished
The Raw Secrets
— the best 'raw' book I've read so far. Great work!
Can't wait for your next book!
Joanne Scovill
“It is the best and most down-to-earth book on the raw lifestyle that I've ever read. My
girlfriend and I read it more than once. I will most certainly recommend it to anyone.”
Brian Dallas
“The confusion in the raw food community is vast. I thank you for your clarity and
Bill Seaberry
Mt. Shasta, California
“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I think that you included a lot of
very useful information that I probably would have never known about.”
Shari Vermeulen
“Your book
The Raw Secrets
has been very helpful to me and I wanted to tell you how
much I appreciate all your work. At first, I was skeptical because you are so young (I am
55) and then I realized that you had no doubt done a lot more in the “raw food eating”
department than I, so your age certainly did not matter. I love the raw food way of eating
for its simplicity and ease, but your book gave me the added confidence and explained
many of the mistakes that I can now avoid. The planet needs more people like you!”
L. Rebecca Perry
Houston, Texas
“I am reading your new book
The Raw Secrets
and am really enjoying the groundedness
you are bringing to the raw food movement through this book.”
Mark O'Connor
Berkeley, CA
“I've just finished your book,
The Raw Secrets
and would like to say it's a fantastically
great book. I have been a fruitarian/raw foodist for about 10 years now, and have made so
many mistakes along the way, some up until just today. There are many "Eurekas” in
your book that explain so much.”
“I just finished reading your new book a few days ago, and I absolutely love it! It was
definitely very motivating. I have been doing the raw food diet for about 3 months now
and have made some of the mistakes you have talked about in the book.”
Angela Brasier
“I received the book
The Raw Secrets
. It makes a lot of sense and it seems like it is
speaking directly to me. I really appreciate the insights. I am very optimistic with what
this book has taught me thus far.”
“I am just in the midst of reading your book
The Raw Secrets
. I must say that I am
thrilled that someone else out there has had the same experience I have been having and
had the courage to go public with it!
“I began reading
The Raw Secrets
and was impressed with the fact that you share your
vulnerabilities and past difficulties with raw food eating. This alone provides invaluable
information for your readers.
I've been researching the raw food idea for quite some time and recently determined that
Raw Secrets was the book I needed to cut through the crap and get to the heart of what I
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