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From Queen Anne to Queen Victoria


MA Year I

Tutor: dr Monika Mazurek



1.      Jonathan Swift Gulliver’s Travels part 4 (available separately or in Norton Anthology)

2.      John Gay – The Beggar’s Opera (Norton Anthology 7th edition or e-book)

3.      Samuel Richardson Pamela (e-book fragments), Henry Fielding - Tom Jones Book 1

4.      Eliza Haywood “Fantomina” (available at http://digital.library.upenn.edu/women/haywood/fantomina/fantomina.html)

5.      Lawrence Sterne Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy vol 1 + at least some browsing throughout the book

6.      Matthew Gregory Lewis – The Monk (in Four Gothic Novels)

7.      S.T. Coleridge – Christabel (NA)

8.      Jane Austen – Mansfield Park (available separately)

9.      Mary Shelley Frankenstein (available separately or in Norton Anthology)

10.  George Eliot Middlemarch “Prelude”, Chapters 1, 6, 15, 20, 27, 46
(e-book or library copies)

11.  Robert Browning “Andrea del Sarto” (NA)

12.  Victorian medievalism – Alfred Tennyson “The Coming of Arthur”, “The Passing of Arthur”, William Morris “The Defense of Guenevere” (NA)

13.  Rudyard Kipling – “The Man Who Would Be King” (NA 7th edition, e-book), “The Widow at Windsor”, “The Ladies” (NA)

14.  Thomas Hardy – all poems from The Norton Anthology

15.  G.B. Shaw – Mrs Warren’s Profession (NA)


Course requirements:


During the course you can expect a number of ‘flash tests’ – very short tests covering the previous class or checking your acquaintance with the texts assigned for the current class.  These tests will not be announced in advance.


The conditions of passing the course:

-          passing the majority of flash tests

-    preparing assignments for every class, i.e. reading the prescribed material and the study question available on the course website.


[ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]